Another intriguing aspect of the great hobby of metal detecting is hunting for meteorites. Meteorites are literally rocks that fall from space, burn through our atmosphere and land on the ground. They come from other space bodies such as comets, asteroids and sometimes even the moon. New Balance Factory Outlet When you look up in the night sky and see a falling star, its most likely a meteorite burning its way through the earths atmosphere. 


Collectors and researchers treasure finding meteorites as they offer unique glimpses of the stuff that the cosmos is made of. They are very rare and highly prized. It can be very exciting finding one and using a metal detector is a great way of going about searching for a meteorite.New Balance 373


Where to Find Meteorites


Since meteors normally have high amounts of iron, they erode and weather very easily in moist conditions. Consequently, the best places to look for them are in arid areas, such as deserts. The American Southwest is a great place to look for example. Having said this however, its not impossible to find a meteor almost anywhere. Some remarkable finds have been gained in the oddest locations. 


To look for the best spots you should first do some of your own research. The internet is the best for this and, as a start, I suggest you have a look at the United States Meteoritical Society website for some superb information. 




In order to proceed with meteorite hunting, you need a good metal detector. Detectors that are good for gold hunting are perfect as they are more sensitive and you can therefore find a meteorite thats buried more deeply. Having said this though, meteorites are also found lying above ground and a lower grade metal detector would easily find these. 


Its also important to have a GPS Location Device on hand. Generally you will be searching for meteorites in remote areas and GPS is great for navigation. In addition, its crucial that you record the exact co-ordinates of where you find any meteorite and take a photo of it in location before you remove it. This is important for scientific analysis. 


To dig up your meteorite, a small pick axe is useful. If you attach a strong Magnet to the pick axe it will help you find the meteorite much more quickly. Meteors contain a lot of iron so are highly magnetic. New Balance 577


If you are searching in remote locations, dont forget the usual safety precautions. Take lots of water, spare clothes and sun protection. 


Good luck with metal detecting for meteorites.